Thursday, 2 July 2015

Transformation Story: Merchandise

This is a one-off transformation story featuring robotisation. It has a woman travelling through a portal into an unnamed futuristic alien world. For some reason this story proved to be very tricky to write and took ages to complete. However, feedback I have received has shown it to be a popular one.

By Tang

Hannah was proud of her new flat. It might be small, but it was hers and it was ultra-modern and stylish. Her place was on the third floor of the block which was a gleaming squashed cylinder with high-tech passcards rather than keys and a lift with curved walls that spoke in a sensual voice to tell you which floor you had reached. The wardrobes were fitted into the walls and when closed were hidden behind long mirrors. She had now unpacked the last of her clothes and hung them in the wardrobe. Hannah decided it was time for a snack before she turned to ornaments she had to put around the house. She clicked off the bedroom light, but something stopped her in the doorway. The room was not dark: there was a faint glow that seemed to be emerging from the wardrobe. She wondered if it was a design feature. She was rather concerned it might be distracting when she was trying to get to sleep. Maybe there was a switch inside that she had knocked when hanging the clothes. She went back to check, clear that she did not want to be wasting electricity.

Hannah opened the wardrobe door and now in the darkness could make out a narrow strip of light running down the left hand side of the rear of the wardrobe. In the glow she sought out the switch but could not find one. Intrigued Hannah reached towards the strip of light and slipped her fingers into what turned out to be a crack. As she tugged at it, Hannah imagined it would pull away to reveal some electrics or a type of maintenance hatch. Thinking that, though, did not suppress her curiosity. In moments the back of the wardrobe swung out to reveal a brightly-lit space beyond. Hannah found it difficult to take in what it was. It was almost like a second wardrobe behind her own, and she was pleased at the extra space. Two tapering black things rose from the floor to about waist height and at first she took them to be some kind of pipe. The chamber she had revealed was large enough for her to step into and she pushed through her clothes to walk enter it.

The small room was like a cylindrical pod, coming to a point at the ceiling and flat, with a ring of light, beneath her feet. Now she was in here she could see that the black items rising from the floor were in fact long shiny boots. At their base were pointed toes and sharp heels. They were the kind of thing she had seen on some fashion shows and the occasional website she had stumbled across when searching online for clothes. Hannah liked to think of herself as fashionable and long boots were the trend, but these went that bit further. She guessed that if they fitted her, they would reach up her thighs, making them well into the fetish category. That thought, though, made Hannah tingle a little, as she envisaged her legs, which she was rightly proud off, encased in this shiny material. What was it anyway: patent leather, PVC, rubber? Curiously she ran her fingers around the mouth of one of the boots. Despite the shine it seemed to respond to her fingers like rubber, yet there was a hardness, a rigidity about it that suggested something different below.

Who had put them here? Any scenario she could envisage: of some builder who moonlighted as a transvestite performer, some delivery or surprise sent to her flat by mistake, seemed unlikely to fit. She guessed that these boots must be worth something and she was sure she could get a hundred pounds or so, at least, selling them online. For now, though, she decided to leave them, pleased at the little secret cubbyhole in her flat and the curious footwear it held.

Hannah found that her curiosity made her return to the pod at the back of her wardrobe the following week. During the passing days she had forgotten about it, but for some reason almost as soon as she had arrived home that evening, she had remembered it clearly. More than that she had felt that she should take out the boots, at least try them on and if they did not fit her, certainly start thinking about selling them online. If they did fit, well, maybe she would wear them out one night, they might go down well at one of the clubs in town. Matched with a nice foil dress she found she was increasingly sure she would look hot in them. She found it was easy to tease the entrance to the pod open. However, what was revealed when she opened its door startled her.

Whilst she had been willing to accept that the boots had been left there by someone before she had moved in, now that she saw the other items, a long pair of opera gloves with them, a burst of alarm ran through her. These new items seemed to be made of the same rubbery material and its rigidity meant that they sat there rather than flopped. Seeing these items lying on the floor, Hannah began thinking of these items more as components of a mannequin rather than actual clothes. She guessed that given they were hollow you could wear them if you wanted. Hannah picked up one of the gloves and held it against her arm. It was long enough to stretch to the shoulder and she knew immediately, that like the boots, wearing these would sheath a person’s limbs in a glistening second skin. She ran her fingers over the smooth surface and realised that there was a series of flat studs running the length of them on what would be the inward side. They were almost flush with the rest of the glove, but as Hannah pressed on the one at that would sit closest to the shoulder it gave a quiet sound, as if it was sighing and then the material of the glove separated. She touched the next and in a minute had opened the whole of the glove.

The interior of the glove was revealed to be as glossy as the outside. As Hannah ran her fingers over it, it gave her a real buzz and she felt so pleased to have touched it. She had a real temptation to slide her arm into it, but realised that with her blouse and sweater on it would be rather uncomfortable; it was clear this was intended to be worn against naked skin. In addition, no matter how much she let her mind run through these thoughts and sensations, the thing that kept coming back was the question as to how they came to be here. Had someone broken into her flat? If so, why did they leave these items here and not simply burgle her flat? Hannah had known quite a few men sexually over the years and she began running back through her memories for any who had given the hint that now they might find it fun to start leaving fetish clothing in her wardrobe. Maybe it was some random stalker currently unknown to her.

Thinking over all the people she had seen and the events that she had been part of in the past few months, there was no indication of anything unusual. Then she had another thought. She walked the few steps to the other side of the chamber and saw a narrow line running down the edge of its curved wall. If this space opened into her flat, then who was to say it did not open into others as well. Hannah pushed at the wall but it would not budge. Had a flaw in the fabric of the building given her access to a location that someone else thought was their secret space? Had they stashed their sexy clothes here thinking them hidden from the world? With that thought, Hannah felt marginally reassured: it seemed more feasible than someone coming through from her side. Of course it did provide access into her flat, but she could deal with that by sealing up the panel that opened into her wardrobe. Anyway, whoever it was did not seemed interested in coming to visit her home, rather they seemed more concerned at using this place to hide their things.

Thoughtful and feeling a little intrusive, Hannah exited the chamber and closed the door on her side, though ensuring the narrow slither of space remained so she could lever it open again. She was intrigued as to what was going to be left next in the room. She had to resist going back and looking. For the rest of the evening she found herself rather edgy and she had to resort to a session with a vibrator, the black, shiny, rod one, to calm herself down. Eventually Hannah was sated and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning was Saturday. Hannah resisted the urge to go to the wardrobe and managed to do so until after breakfast and then she was drawn in. Looking through the wardrobe for a suitable top, her eyes turned to the strip of light. With no will to resist and no real reason why she should do so, Hannah eased open the panel. The clothes inside were as she had left them. She was a little disappointed by that, though she was also uncertain what she expected or wanted there to be next. She glanced around the chamber and was certain she saw the hint of a shadow moving across the curved wall. That seemed odd. Was the plastic or glass or whatever it was truly opaque or was it translucent? She walked right up to it, something that she had not done before when her attention was taken by the clothes. She saw a couple of switches recessed into where the curved panel straightened. She pressed one and the chamber descended into darkness. Well, at least she had found the way to remove the strip of light from her wardrobe. However, with the light in the chamber out, she realised that illumination came from somewhere else; it was indeed passing through the panel. Hannah pressed the other button and it seemed to grow in brightness, she flicked it some more and realised that her view through the panel was becoming clearer.

Hannah gasped as she increased the transparency of the panel and could see that there were people out there. She stood in silence as what she saw stunned her. Hannah turned away and glanced through into her wardrobe before she looked back again. However unbelievable it was, she realised she could not deny what she was seeing. Immediately it reminded her of the souk she had toured in Morocco when there a couple of years ago with two of the girls from work. It was like a shady market place and one built on a hillside by the way the street seemed to slope and the stalls and shops were arranged. Yet as she continued staring she saw it was even more exotic than she had first imagined. Among the stalls and shops that disappeared into the walls she could see a plethora of blinking computer screens and cables and connectors running all around. Even more than that, few of the customers or the store owners looked, well, human. Humanoid, perhaps, but the shades and the sizes ranged over a far bigger spectrum than she knew she would ever see here on Earth. Now this evidence made Hannah’s mind spiral in disbelief. Was she somehow looking into some fantastical world, some alien place that was wedged into her block of flats? Hannah was no fan of science fiction but she had seen enough DVDs that her boyfriends had brought home to have an idea of the possibilities.

Of course they were fantasy, so how could this be something she was seeing? It had to be some elaborate trick. Someone had set this up so that when she looked through she saw this imagined place. She was about to step back and glance around the inside of the chamber to see if she could spot the concealed cameras that would support her new theory. Now she believed that she had been set up for one of those TV programmes where they tricked unsuspecting members of the public. However, one and then another of the passersby in the ‘street’ beyond caught her attention. Walking behind a man who had to be more than two metres high and wore long hair and a plaited beard, strutted something that looked like a robot. It was the size of a normal human but was glistening black with stylised sensual curves to suggest a female. Immediately Hannah knew that this was what someone wearing the outfit she had found in her pod would look like.

Then she saw another, this was ‘male’ a dark blue shaded one following on between two petite alien females with large round eyes and broad foreheads with their silver hair running down over voluminous dresses of what looked like red silk. Then there were two ‘female’ robots with a chocolate-brown tone following something that looked like a zebra-version of a centaur. For a moment Hannah wondered if these were somehow simply protective suits for humans in this alien environment, but then she noticed there were people who looked like anyone you could pass in the supermarket on Earth. Their clothes were a little bizarre, but they certainly looked human. This meant, Hannah guessed, that the gleaming outfits indicated something else, maybe some kind of servant status as all of those she saw clad like that followed on, they never led, no matter what form of life was with them. Maybe they were truly robots and the outfit in her chamber was simply a mannequin to advertise a new line. Yet, that did not make sense, if that was the case, why did the gloves and the other items open to her touch? No, it was clear, she decided that they were clothing.

That realisation gave Hannah a startling thought. Maybe that was the intention, that she dressed like that and then step out of this pod, assuming she could open it, and mix with the crowds. No-one could tell what species she was behind the anonymous shiny black. She knew there was no way she would get away with trying them on in public even in London, but in this place, even if it was somehow faked, she could do so with no concern. The thought of the slippery interior pressed against her skin as she strode like those others called to her in such a pleasurable way.

Hannah stepped back from her position realising that her mind was running down so many paths so quickly. There were numerous questions in her mind. All that she had witnessed was impossible, totally impossible, and yet it seemed too real. She calmed herself and decided she needed to seek a second opinion before she tried to break through and experience this weird world that was somehow, in some mad, unbelievable way connected to her flat.



Dan replied slowly as if expecting to be dragged from his terminal to tackle some inane problem. He was, after all, the ‘IT guy’ where Hannah worked. They had got to know each other pretty well when Hannah had been chosen to be the one who stayed on after work to lock up once Dan had finished installing various upgrades. Dan was certainly not Hannah’s type, he was too geeky with far too much long hair for a man and far too few visits to the gym to pass Hannah’s criteria. In addition, Hannah knew from the Christmas meal that he was happily co-habiting with poet-cum-potter Imogen who seemed to disappear even further behind long hair and loose clothing than Dan. However, Hannah felt some affinity to Dan as another person in the department who was taken for granted.

“Dan, you’re into science fiction, fantasy, that kind of thing?”

“Yes?” Dan’s curiosity seemed piqued but he was remaining cautious.

“Well, can I ask you about something?”


“Well, do you believe there are other worlds and that maybe rather than getting to them on a spaceship you could simply step through a door or something and end up in them, you know, like Alice in Wonderland, but more real, more serious?”

“I guess so.” Dan said pensively. “It’s quite a common theme. Did you ever read the Narnia books; ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’?”

“Erm, no, but my nephew had the movie at Christmas.”

“Right, well that’s one story that has them. There’s stacks more, it turns up in things like ‘Star Trek’, you know a lot of the mainstream SF stuff as well as novels. Have you heard of the book ‘There Are Doors’?”

Hannah shook her head but was pleased that Dan seemed to be taking her seriously.

“Well, what about ‘Time Bandits’? It’s an Eighties movie, in that there’s temporary tears in the fabric of universe and these dwarfs jump through them to various times and places. There’s ‘Sliders’, also been on TV, in that it’s sideways jumps to other versions of the same place. I could go on. So, what’s your interest?”

“Oh it was just something I was thinking about. You know I’ve got a flat, a new place, my mum and dad helped me out, my gran too, well, it’s just there’s a kind of panel at the back that opens into this pod, this small room…”

“That’s in another world?”

For an instant Hannah froze feeling as if Dan had read her mind. Then she laughed nervously. “No, nothing like that, but it just got me thinking well, what if it did open into somewhere else. I was probably thinking of that movie with the lion, I forgot I’d seen that.”

“I could bring some books, DVDs in to borrow if you’d like.” Dan’s tone was sympathetic as if fostering a newcomer to the delights of science fiction.

“Yeah, yeah, that’d be cool, thanks.” Hannah said then hesitated for the moment. “Dan, do you think people think these things up entirely or do you think there’s some truth in it? You know, like they write books about aliens coming down and then some people say they’ve actually seen them?”

Now it was Dan’s turn to hesitate as if not only pondering the question but also reassessing Hannah. “Well, I guess nothing’s impossible in the universe and people do disappear, people have been known to turn up continents away and wormholes are scientific fact, so I guess there’s no reason why not.”

Hannah smiled, but was uncertain now whether she felt reassured or whether Dan had just piled more questions into her mind. However, it added to her keenness to return to the chamber. Not only might there be some more of those shiny clothes that had caught her imagination in there, but beyond the panel there might be a whole new universe to explore.

Hannah went back to the doorway as soon as she could on reaching home. She was intrigued to discover more about it and what it meant. There were some doubts about what she was letting herself in for especially when she stepped inside and found that the boots and gloves had now been joined by a pair of high-waisted shorts. For a moment, Hannah was nervous. It was clear that the location was not simply a passive observation spot, it was a place into which those of the other, alien, world had access. They did not seem to put much value on the location, just simply dumped this clothing in there. She worried they could open it at any moment and snatch her as some kind of intruder. What risk would she be bringing to the Earth if they realised that as easily as she could step into their work, they could come through to Hannah’s? Would they snatch her and anyone else they could get their hands or claws or paws on and take them as a curiosity or some kind of pet?

With those thoughts, Hannah made to leave the chamber but then a sudden urge stopped her. She reached down to run her fingers around the inside of the shorts. The inside was incredibly slippery and she realised it was ridged, with bumps that would press against the woman right from the top of her bum round to above her clitoris. That realisation gave Hannah a delightful shudder. Rationally she thought she should be startled, maybe a little unnerved by these things, but instead she gained a naughty pleasure from finding out such clothing existed. It gave her a different thought about the ‘robots’ she had seen. It seemed certain now that in fact they were humans or at least human-like aliens dressed up in these outfits and if that was so, what kind of sensation would they be getting dressed like this?

Hesitantly she crossed to the control buttons and pressed the one that cleared the screen. This time it was obviously night and the store was closed. However, the displays were lit. Occasionally she would see a dark figure looking in at them through the window. The displays were like the ones she had seen on the street; like the items of clothing she had in her own pod. She admired the sleek lines of the ‘female’ outfits. Though it was strange, she could see how someone would dress like that, to give her body the appearance of being so smooth and ageless; so protected and yet so obviously sexy. She guessed it would be like wearing vinyl jeans or patent boots. Self-consciously she returned to the clothes in ‘her’ pod. She hesitated, but thinking back to how good touching the boots and gloves had made her feel before, she was curious to see what sensations she would experience this time.

Rather than trying to undress in the confines of the pod, Hannah stepped back into her flat and carried the clothing out with her. She felt a real buzz as she stripped off quickly. She was a little nervous about slipping on the shorts, but realised that they had to go on first otherwise she might not be able to pick them up with gloved fingers or pull them on over booted legs. The sheen of plastic wrapping showed they were unused. As she unwrapped them, she felt a real tingle and knew that it was right to try them on. Quickly she eased them up her bare legs and slipped them into place on her hips coating them in this alien, hard shiny black vinyl. The ridging inside felt so good as it pressed against her clitoris and pussy lips and she found herself swaying her hips to stroke the ridges over her quickly aroused sex. Suddenly she felt something stirring as if a penis was thrusting into her. It seemed to grow larger and larger filling her wet pussy very quickly. Hannah staggered back to her bed, stunned by the sensation. Dimly she saw that the front of the shorts had opened creating a circular entrance into her plastic-lined pussy. Concentrating on it she was able to tighten and widen the entrance. However, none of that lessened the sensation of the shorts shafting deep into her.

Hannah stopped trying to resist what the shorts were doing to her and she was overtaken with the feeling of being thrust into by an unbelievably large cock, so hard and so slippery that seemed to push to every sensitive part of her pussy firing off pleasure signals simultaneously from each part it touched. Whilst this happened the ribs seem to pulse rippling her clitoris so pleasurably that in bare moments she was shuddering with orgasm. It would not cease and Hannah found herself flailing and gasping for air as her body coursed with the incessant pleasure. As she ran her hands hungrily over herself, she knew she should be wearing the gloves and boots. As her mind’s eye filled with the image of looking down at her body to see it as glistening as the robot pets she had seen, Hannah lost consciousness.

Waking the following morning, Hannah found that at some stage she had shed the shorts and tossed them and the other items back into the pod. She was hesitant about going back to them, recognising how much she had lost herself when wearing them. However, it seemed difficult to dismiss what she had seen and at work she found herself seeking out the only man who seemed able to even begin to answer some of her questions.

“Dan, you know that world I was talking about, the one with all the aliens and robots and things, the one I get through the portal in the back of my flat?” Hannah asked tentatively though hoping she had impressed Dan with her use of ‘portal’.

“Erm, yes?” Dan said hesitantly.

For a moment Hannah was not sure how much she had told him: had she mentioned the robots last time or not? Anyway, she was sure Dan was bright enough to pick up the thread and she decided to press on.

“Does it sound like something that could be real?” Hannah asked with an eagerness mixed with her uncertainty.

“Well, I don’t really know how to answer that. What are you doing, thinking of writing a novel or for ‘zine or something?”

“No, it’s just I’ve had some ideas, had some dreams I guess you’d say.”

“Okay. Yes, it sounds quite typical. There’s scenes like that in the original ‘Star Wars’.”

“Okay, maybe that’s where I got the idea from: I saw that movie years ago. The robots, though, they’re not really like that, not sort of tin can like, more sort of well, cool, sexy, you know.”

“Certainly. Sexy robots are the favourites of a million teenage boys. Even as far back as ‘Metropolis’ in the 1920s they had a very female robot. Then there was Hajime Sorayama, heard of him? I guess not. Anyway, he was big in the Eighties, all those airbrush painted sexy robots, very popular at the time. Oh yeah, and ‘Westworld’, robots for sex in that.”

“So a lot of people have had those kind of ideas?”

“Sure, what do you expect? Who doesn’t dream of someone with a perfect body who’d act as your sex-slave? I guess you’ve got bodybuilder male robots in yours. The number of women who got off on Arnie in ‘Terminator’ even Darth Vader in ‘Star Wars’, well. So don’t worry if your dreaming of electric sheep.”

“No, it’s not sheep, it’s humans, well robots like humans.”

“Sorry, that was a joke: ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’; it’s a book.”

“Okay … but you don’t think I’m android?” Hannah asked as she tried to work through what Dan’s thread was.

Dan laughed. “No, no, though it can be hard to tell.”

“Those names, can you write them down for me? The female robot ones. Erm, I’m just getting some ideas for a fancy dress party. After the, erm, dreams I thought I could look cool as a robot.”

“Sure thing.”

Dan scribbled the names on a scrap of paper and pushed it across to Hannah. The top one looked like a Japanese name and ‘Metropolis’ was the name of a night club she had once been to, she was sure.


“My pleasure. It’s kind of nice when there’s someone else around who’s thinking about these things. Over the weekend, I’ll hook you out a few DVDs you might like to borrow. Didn’t I promise that before? Anyway, this time I’ll actually do it.”

“That’s great, thanks.”

Hannah smiled to herself thinking it was ironic that she seemed to be having real contact with the kind of world Dan would have loved to have visited. For a few moments as she walked back to her desk she thought about trying to take him there, but then dismissed that. It would be complicated and maybe it was only her who was supposed to go through and him coming too could disrupt it all and that would be embarrassing. Hannah wondered for a moment if she was becoming obsessed with the Mawera market, but was there anything wrong with that? Mawera, how did she know that name? Maybe she had made that up too. Anyway, she was doing nobody any harm. Reaching her desk Hannah began pumping the names Dan had given her into an internet search engine and within minutes was wandering through images of sexy robots not that different from those she had seen for real just the night before.

By the time she got home, Hannah’s mind was filled with the images and ideas she had sneaked a look at from her desk. She was excited by the story of ‘Metropolis’; of the robot made to look like a woman. Whenever she thought of the reverse, of herself somehow getting hold of a complete outfit and so making herself resemble a robot, her body shuddered with physical memories of what she had already experienced wearing just a part of the whole suit.

Hannah gasped as, having removed her clothes she went to the pod door and saw that there was now another item, a top, it was sleeveless, though it would cap her shoulders. With this piece she knew she could now cover her whole body in the shiny rubberised plastic. She grabbed each piece, they were now quite a pile, and quickly set them out on the bed as if she was readying a suit of armour.

Hannah hesitated to look at the piece that would cover her upper body. The thing resembled a breastplate to cover her torso. She pondered what the sensation of her naked breasts being contained within those would feel like, and whether, as with the shorts some mechanism would pleasure her breasts. That thought overcame any lingering nervousness and she pulled the top over her head. She took a few moments to get it lined up and slide her arms through their holes and then it slid down into place easily. Its waist was slender and its breasts large, not ridiculous, but still noticeable and perfectly round. As it came into place over her chest, breasts and midriff, Hannah felt a pleasurable tingle and wondered why she had ever hesitated about wearing it. Then, as had been the case with the shorts, the top started to adjust to her body and Hannah felt as if her nipples were being so gently licked. It was not an overly distracting sensation but certainly contributed to stoking up how aroused she was beginning to feel.

Quickly, though again with initial slight apprehension, Hannah turned to the shorts and stepped into them. Slowly she stooped to pick them up and slide them up her legs, feeling a delicious excitement as she did. Then they were in position and Hannah grasped at the sensation. Once again the ridges pressed so delightfully against the lips of her pussy and the hood of her clitoris. Involuntarily a grunt of pleasure issued from Hannah’s throat. In that instant she knew it was so right to put on the rest of this outfit and as quickly as she could.

Impatiently Hannah slid her arm into the long right glove. She pressed at the popper closest to her wrist and it closed smartly then the others followed quickly in turn. In a few moments her whole right arm was sheathed in the glistening rubber coating. She felt it with her other hand’s fingers and the slippery material had that sensuality about it that she knew she was coming to love. Quickly Hannah grabbed the left glove, no longer apprehensive about putting her naked flesh inside these clinging clothes. Barely waiting for the glove to seal shut, Hannah went to the boots. Though she had not worn them again since the first day she had discovered them, she found it comparatively easy to manoeuvre her foot into the first one. This was even with the sharp heel tipping her foot to a more extreme angle than she was used to with her tallest high-heeled court shoes. With the other foot soon in its boot it was easier to stand upright. Hannah giggled as she bent over to touch the lowest popper on each boot simultaneously and was rewarded with the others closing in the following moments.

Then she looked at her legs wearing their sensuous second skin, making every inch of them slippery and perfectly glossy. Hannah was eager to strut in these boots. She recognised that they would transform the way she walked and force her bum, which in the shorts seemed more curvy but firm than she had remembered, to move so sexily. Something told her she had to finish dressing fully before she would be allowed that pleasure. The one item that she missed was the helmet.

Hannah turned and went back into the chamber. She looked out across the shop. It was closed for the moment. Hannah had a real urge to be out there, just for a few moments. Now she was clad in this futuristic clothing it seemed only appropriate. Then she saw a black helmet sitting close to the display case where she stood. It looked like someone had intended to include it with the outfit she was wearing. Increasingly Hannah was certain that it belonged; moment by moment she more felt it should be hers. If she felt this good with what she had on, how much better would it be with the final piece in place? Then she found herself pushing the display case panel. It swung open easily. She jumped down into the shop, excited as she realised that she was now on an alien world and that she must have travelled trillions of miles and possibly even through time. Such thoughts slipped quickly from her mind as she walked over to the black helmet. Though it was not in silver, it seemed just like something from one of Sorayama’s pictures with a shiny smooth panel over where her eyes and nose would sit and below that a pursed plastic mouth which she guessed looked deliberately cute.

Hannah did not hesitate but reached out for the helmet. Quickly she slipped it over her head. She had worried that it would be claustrophobic, but once on she found she could breath easily. She guessed something in the mechanism brough in fresh air and kept the helmet cool. For a couple of moments it was dark then everything cleared and she looked out through the visor. She walked over to a mirrored pillar and could see the exterior of the helmet was still perfectly black. This seemed a brilliant disguise in which to explore this planet, she could see out as if through a two-way mirror but no-one could tell that she did not belong here. Then suddenly things began happening. Her ears felt little probes coming in to them but they turned out to be no more intrusive than her ipod earphones. She imagined these were to help her hear clearly with the helmet on. They something came into her mouth and quickly expanded opening it up. It was something like a mould the dentist put in your mouth to take the shape of your teeth. Once the expansion stopped it felt less strange, but Hannah realised her mouth was now connected to the cute lips on the outside.

Hannah tried to turn from the mirror and walk away, but suddenly felt the outfit go rigid. She panicked and tried to shout but found she was unable to. Fortunately she soon felt incredibly tired and then everything went black.

Hannah jerked awake. She felt peculiar, but there was a very nice buzz in her sex, over her whole body in fact she quickly realised. That sensation seemed to dismiss concerns very quickly. It was dark, but then her vision cleared and she remembered where she was. This was clearly no dream: she was in this shop on some alien world, visible to herself reflected in the mirrored pillar.

“That’s it Jantel, back to full power.”

“Thanks Tareth, you did a good job of fixing it.”

“Well, I expected that I would bring it all together today and run it through some tests, but clearly your boss was impatient.”

“Yes, Kurlant’s off at some auction today, but I guess he assembled her last night.”

“And got a content from somewhere.”

“Yes, probably had a deal with one of the agencies and they must have brought her round after I had left last night. Well, it’s all good, she’s an excellent model, I’ll move her up front so she’s in full view from the street.”

Hannah knew immediately that it was her that was being discussed. She realised that the suit grinding to a halt had been because it was low on power. That reassured her a little that she was not trapped in it. Though, saying that, at the moment she realised she had absolutely no desire to shed the plastic coating. She wondered how she could understand these alien beings, it was impossible to think that they spoke English. Then she guessed the little earpieces somehow worked as a translation device, no doubt necessary for encounters with all kinds of species.

“Control to me.” Jantel said firmly. “Move forward.”

Hannah felt the suit stir to life and there was nothing that she could do to stop herself stepping forward.

“One step right.” Jantel commanded hurriedly, making Hannah avoid the pillar. “Five steps forward. Stop.”

The suit made Hannah comply and she found herself now at the front of the store looking right out into the street she had seen from the display case.

“Semi-autonomous mode: erotic dance.”

Now Hannah began moving again, she found herself bending and twisting, thrusting out her hips, spreading her legs apart, running her hands over her breasts. She could see herself reflected in the window of the store opposite. Her moves were not rigid in the way she would expect from someone looking so robotic, in fact they reminded her of the actions of a dance hall queen whining her body for admiring audience. She tried to stop, to stand rigid again, but the suit would not let her. However, she did find that if she decided to do something which added to the dance such as stroke her bum or cup her the suit’s plastic breasts then she could do so. More than that, decisions to do actions of that kind seemed to excite the plug in her pussy and to stimulate her breasts. Questions about what she was doing, of ever getting back to her own planet were easily dismissed as she thought of new ways to continue this erotic dance and be rewarded with the pleasurable sensations this suit seemed so good at providing.

“This one, I like this one.”

Hannah realised she was being talked about again. She found her body turning to the sound of the voice and, despite herself, performing for the creature who had expressed an interest in her. Hannah now realised, of course, that it need not be a human who would find her robot exterior appealing. Something in her helmet told her this was a Nerar. He was a humanoid, probably two feet taller than Hannah, his skin a shiny, dark purple that for some reason reminded Hannah of a recently washed grape. His face was a long arched oval, with narrow eyes at the top and an expanse of glistening flesh with no sign of a nose, before a narrow mouth at the base that echoed the shape of his eyes. His body was heavily muscled with broad arms and thighs. Each hand had three thick fingers grouped like the feet of a tripod. His toes were similar though lying flat and grouped together to form feet that emerged from his sandals. He wore what looked like leather armour some shades darker than his own skin, a smooth breastplate shaped to his broad chest and what seemed to be a kilt made of strips of leather. As he moved these parted to reveal a large, leather-clad bulge which the helmet told her was the codpiece of the kind that protected ample Nerar penises.

“Yes, I will take her.”

“Name, sir?”

“Borutan Marra.”

“Yes, Owner Marra, if you’d just press your lower right thumb here, you can take her now.” The assistant held up a hand-sized device and Borutan pressed a digit on to the screen.

“Would you like her wrapped?”

“No, as she is.”

“Of course, compliments of Kurlant’s.”

Jantel turned to Hannah. “Command to Borutan Marra, command to Borutan Marra, command to Borutan Marra.” He repeated.

Hannah found herself stop moving and walk towards the Nerar. What had she let herself in for? Now she was being sold as some kind of slave to an alien. She cursed ever trying on the clothes, ever finding the door, ever moving into the flat. Yet something insistent kept telling her: no, this had been right, this was exciting, she had done this through making excellent choices.

“To me.” Borutan ordered.

Hannah hesitated, but realised if she did not play along then the aliens around her would suspect something was wrong. She had no desire to provoke anger from a creature as large as the one who had bought her.

“Control to me.” Borutan said a little uncertainly.

Now Hannah knew that whatever might want for now she was going to be carried along like a passenger in this casing with no chance of escape. She knew she had to bide her time and find some way to get away and come back to the shop. She wanted to think that she had learned her lesson and would never return to this planet again but it was difficult to sustain that belief while she was aware of conflicting sentiments coming to her mind.


Hannah found herself walking, away from the shop and out into the busy street. She looked around as best she could at the exotic sights. She tried to memorise where she was because, as they walked farther from Kurlant’s store, she worried that even if she escaped Borutan, she would be unable to find her way back here. However, the Nerar summoned a taxi and grunted an address. If she had been less concerned about her fate, Hannah would have marvelled at this craft hovering about waist height about the street and then zipping through the crowded traffic with no sign of a driver controlling it.

In a couple of minutes they seemed to be in more of a residential area. Buildings that looked like squashed cylinders rose high over them. The taxi stopped and Hannah found herself following her ‘owner’. Borutan walked up to one of the buildings and pressed a ‘thumb’ to the panel. Then it seemed that the section of wall in front of him opened and he walked inside.

“In.” Borutan ordered and Hannah found herself following.

As she walked, Hannah felt strange sensations all over. She wondered if something was wrong with the suit because there were little pulses like small electric shocks coming to random parts of her body. After a while they became less unnerving and actually quite pleasurable. Hannah wondered if they were designed to arouse her, because she realised that, as she followed Borutan with no power to do anything other than what he commanded, she was beginning to feel increasingly excited by it. She knew now that she was getting turned on by playing at being a robot. Though it was something she had not thought about before, she guessed that was probably why she had found herself putting on this outfit especially after what Dan had told her about ‘sexy’ robots. Hannah knew that to Borutan she must appear perfect; without a single blemish on her glossy black surface. She also realised that she had hardly been on display very long when she had been snapped up and she felt a strange sense of pride about that.

There was a short lift ride and then they walked out into an apartment that seemed to stretch over the whole floor of this block. There were various screens around the room, odd electronic items that she did not know the function of, but quite a lack of furniture. There were large circular depressions in the floor, most filled with large shiny cushions. Some were just empty. One held a pile of panels that Hannah guessed passed for books in this place.

“By Thuyor, I need a sucking.” Borutan said. “Kneel.”

Hannah found herself falling to her knees and sitting back on her haunches, normally something she would have found first a challenge and then uncomfortable, but now the suit seemed to make it easy. Her head rose up as Borutan stood over her. He reached beneath the kilt and adjusted the codpiece, then his cock emerged. Hannah could not look away, the helmet would not let her, but she wondered how she would ever accommodate this rock-hard flesh. Then she felt her mouth widening as Borutan brought his penis up to his robot. Of course it slid in easily and as it did Hannah suddenly felt a strange, delightful sensation. She seemed to glow with satisfaction that she was fulfilling her proper role. Her tongue, sheathed in rubber, seemed guided by the suit’s system as it curled around and lapped at the Nerar’s cock.

Borutan seemed to have been pretty aroused anyway as it did not take long before he was bucking against Hannah’s head which was held firmly in place by her suit. Then she felt hot liquid spraying deep down her throat. At first it startled her, but she somehow understood that this was good, his spunk was tasty and nutritious, she not only needed it, she loved it too. Then Borutan withdrew, apparently satisfied. A trail of cum dripped from his cock as he walked over to one of the depressions. He lounged back on the shiny cushions.

“Erm, full, erm autonomy. Full autonomy. Pleasure me.” Borutan commanded.

Rationally Hannah knew this was too weird for words, but physically, emotionally she knew she needed to please this male, that it brought her great pleasure and she had no desire for anything else. She rose and admired her sleek black body reflected in the apartment’s windows as she crossed to her owner. Her owner? She guessed that on this planet it was true: he had paid for her. Though beneath her glossy black exterior she knew she was probably not what he anticipated, she clearly looked like the item he had bought and he would expect it to behave as he anticipated.

Hannah lowered herself into the dip and crawled over her master, yes, she thought of him now as that and did not stop to question it. She knew he wanted something different from oral sex and so she spread her legs wide and lowered the tight but inviting entrance of her sex onto his large cock. It seemed to fill her entirely and Hannah wondered how she had ever survived with smaller members in her. Normally she would have come immediately, and while she somehow knew there would be release, she recognised that the suit would not permit that before her owner was fully satisfied. Hannah had never been a gymnast but she now found the suit permitted her to rise and fall repeatedly on his cock even though her legs were spread wide. Her master lay back and simply enjoyed the sensation as she impaled herself again and again on his flesh. At times she would remain with just its head within her to tantalise him and to heighten his pleasure. She continued with the action as she heard rising grunts, growls even, begin to emerge from Borutan. Then he came. His hips thrust upwards involuntarily almost throwing Hannah backwards. He sprayed into her and then, as he shuddered, cum gushed all over her glistening body, his spunk as black as her plastic skin.

“Thuyor! Thuyor!” Borutan bellowed.

Hannah now lifted herself clear but was jolted as her reward kicked in. While there would have been no visible sign on the exterior within the casing Hannah was having the orgasm of her life, made all the greater by being held in place while it ran through her.

Borutan stepped away and slumped back on the cushion floor gazing for a few moments at his new purchase. Smiling almost as if he was drunk, he declared “Wonderful.”

The Nerar rolled on to his back and within moments was snoring deeply. Hannah’s own senses were now coming back to normality. She stood up, surprised that her muscles did not feel as stiff as she would have anticipated. What she had experienced had been stunning, but looking across at the large alien creature lying, snoring louder than a passing lorry on her own world, Hannah decided that she had had enough of this place and she needed to find her way back home. As she crossed to the door to the lift she had come up in, she thought of all the things she had to tell Dan when she got back to the office. Maybe she could work with him and produce a science fiction book or even a movie and she was soon thinking about the millions she could make in Hollywood and appearing on the red carpet at some premiere and mixing with Brad Pitt and George Clooney and other stars who would appear in her film.

The lift doors did not open even though she stood in front of them and jabbed the buttons. Rather irritated Hannah looked around for something to prod them with. Standing on brackets on the wall were a number of things that looked like weapons. Close by was a dark brown metallic tube that had a wide metal collar at one end and came to a point at the other. She grabbed this and tried to push it into the narrow line running to the floor that looked like the opening she had come through. As she thrust the pointed end at it, a bright light came out, scorching the wall. The lift door jolted open suddenly and Hannah stepped in. She pointed the device at the control panel and it seemed to glow and smoke and she felt the whole lift suddenly rushing downwards and feared it was going to crash. It did come to stop with a bump but fortunately the doors flew open and she was able to step out.

In the street she looked around for some way to get her back to the robot store. Across the street sat three identical vehicles which she took to be taxis. Cautiously she crossed the road to the lead one. Its doors slid open and she was able to step inside easily. She sat in her seat wondering how to get to where she wanted to go.

“Kurlant’s store. Erm, bill Borutan, erm, Marra; payment will be from Borutan Marra.” Hannah said hesitantly.

Hannah was eager to get back to Kurlant’s store directly as she guessed otherwise she could be wandering around the streets for hours. The key problem seemed to be that she lacked money. She just hoped that what she had said would work and that she would not need his thumbprint or something. The vehicle did not move and Hannah worried that she had failed. Then, suddenly, the doors slid shut and it lifted from the ground and powered away.

The vehicle hurried through the streets and Hannah hoped that it was going to the correct place. In her own mind it had sounded as if she had given the direction in English and she trusted that all the hardware on her head had adjusted her command suitably for the taxi to understand. About ten minutes later that proved to be the case as the taxi came to rest outside Kurlant’s. The doors slid open and Hannah stepped out. She saw her black glistening form once again in the shop’s mirrors. Her steps seemed regular rather than what she thought of as robotic and in fact there was something sinuous about how she moved. She tried to dismiss those thoughts from her mind. Being tempted by the image of a sexy robot had got her into this situation and resulted with her ending up giving a blow job to an alien. Thinking back on that though, she realised it had been pretty good and that there was something different, exciting even, about being dominated by a warrior like Borutan.

Hannah focused her thoughts on getting home, having a warm bath and dismissing all of this experience from her mind. This had been an adventure and she had to say she had never believed anything like this could be for real, but now it was time to return to what she knew. She could see that the store was still open. She hesitated as the taxi closed behind her and moved off. How was she going to handle this? From what she could see, the display case that she had entered this world through still seemed empty, but she doubted whether the shop assistants would simply let her clamber into it and disappear from sight. If they caught her and then found the portal back to Earth what would that mean? It was probably best if she stood around the store trying to appear like a display until it closed and then she could sneak back safely. She wondered how much longer the place would be open.

Slowly, so as not to attract attention, Hannah began moving into the shop. Many of the other items for sale were moving around, dancing or being put through their paces by potential customers so Hannah found that she did not stick out too much. She headed to what looked like a vacant space close to the display case she needed. Once in position she stood and froze hoping now to wait out the rest of the day undisturbed.

Hannah had no idea how much time had passed, perhaps she had slept, she was not certain. She had to admit that whatever she did in this outfit, she never felt uncomfortable. It would be odd to take it off now, she realised, because it almost felt like a natural part of her body. She imagined that was the whole idea. Though she had sworn not to touch this get-up again once she got back home, she began wondering about keeping it for the occasional dress-up session. However, as she thought that something more urgent attracted her attention.

“That’s the one. That one there.” A large male Nerar was bellowing as he came across the shop.

As he approached Hannah recognised him as Borutan. As she did she felt surprisingly relieved that her owner had found her. Owner? Hannah tried to dismiss the thought, but pleasurable memories of serving him came into her mind. Had she been right to flee from him? Should she not have settled down to the life that he had given her? Unexpected doubts now flooded into Hannah. She was not sure whether they were her own feelings or ones provided by this outfit she wore.

Jantel was hurrying in the Nerar’s wake spouting apologies.

“Is this some kind of trick? You programme this machine to pleasure me and then flee back here so you can sell it someone else?”

“No, sir, no, there must, erm, be a malfunction.” Jantel seemed clearly embarrassed to admit the fact.

“Well, what are you going to do about it?”

The large Nerar turned on Jantel aggressively and Hannah was not surprised that the smaller alien cringed.

“Erm, a replacement, one immediately. If you could just go to the hospitality area. Tareth, Tareth, please see to Owner Marra.”

Tareth hurried over and tentatively led the indignant Nerar over to the small lounge area on the other side of the store.

Jantel now turned to Hannah. “Full control to me.”

Hannah instantly felt she had no ability to disobey this male’s orders.

“Forward, to the workshop.”

Hannah found herself moving. She tried to curse the fact that Borutan had caught up with her, but instead she seemed more disappointed that he had rejected her. Her mind wondered, though, if being sent to the workshop might not be better for her. She would be out of sight and she could stay there and creep out once the store was closed. Then again, was it not better to be repaired and be sold to another master? As her thoughts chased each other around, Hannah found herself walking without questioning it, part of her clearly knowing where the workshop was. In minutes Jantel had opened a door at the rear of the store and she found herself in a gloomy lit corridor that quickly took her to a room filled with parts of outfits. An older male that she somehow knew was Kurlant himself was working on a glove.

“Jantel, what’s this?”

“It’s the gynoid Borutan Marra bought earlier. There’s some malfunction, it came back here.”

“Really? That’s not impossible, but it’s unusual. I guess we’re lucky she did not wander off at random around the city.”

“I promised Marra a replacement.”

“Yes, that was the right thing especially as we have got the original back, we’re not out of pocket. I can work on the shell of this one, that’s where the malfunction must be. Strip her down. Get her into a new casing. Pick one in another colour so Marra will not complain we’ve simply tweaked with her and then sent him back out the same one. Something in dark red: Nerar always like the darker shades.”

“Sure boss.”

Jantel hurried around removing Hannah’s helmet and gloves. Hannah felt as if she was being stripped impossibly naked, that she was particularly exposed. However, she found that she was unable to respond, to do anything much except let Jantel carry out his work. As Hannah was removed from the casing dimly she realised it had brought changes on the body it had contained. However hard she tried she could not bring her heels to the floor and she walked on tiptoe as if she still had the high sharp heels of her boots beneath her feet. She ran her hands over her waist and realised it tapered in simply accentuating the full, rounded bum she now had and the large, but so firm, circular breasts with erect nipples above.

Her sex felt so aroused and as she ran her fingers over it, she realised her hair had gone leaving her such a smooth mound. The lips were engorged and open like an oval but the passage beneath was at once both so slick and yet so tight. Her probing hand knocked against her erect clitoris which seemed well out from beneath its hood with no sign of retreating. The reflection she saw of her face, in the glass panel, startled her more. Her lips was as full as a porn star’s open in that surprised manner that suggested they were happiest wrapped around a cock. Hannah realised that the suit had shaped her to be ideal to be housed by it and that it was probably a good thing that she was being led to another outfit, this time a glistening demon dark red shade.

Hannah stood passively as the assistant began sliding her into the red suit. Deep within her were conflicting emotions. One part of her was shouting for her to flee while she had a chance, to get back to the life she had known. Another part was curious to see what it would be like to be in this glossy red. Stronger than all of these, Hannah realised was the thing that kept her here allowing her to be cased in this flexible metal and shiny rubber. It was like a hunger, it was a real desire to be so sexual, it was a sense that welcomed the body she now had, had no wish to have it changed back and, more than that, for her to become truly the creature, the sexual device, she had been masquerading as up until now. She heard mental protests that she had been fooled or was being directed to think like that and that that was not truly her. However, they could not contest the new thoughts that maybe she had found her true destiny when she had discovered the servo suit, that it had been meant for, to allow her to become what she was supposed to be.

Then she stepped forward as she was nudged to do and the assistant began sliding the glossy shorts up her legs. As they slid into place so snugly against her hips and over her waist and the ridges and the access tubes settled against her two lower sexual openings, Hannah felt as if she had come home, that she had been restored to the existence that was so right for her. Without speaking, but just directing Hannah with gentle pushes and nudges, the assistant slid her into first one then the other boot. Hannah watched as he closed the bottom stud on each boot and in moments the encasing, slippery boots had become her legs’ skin. Hannah felt so much better; her feet were in their proper posture now. Hannah looked down, pleased to see her lower half already coated in the shiny red. She put up no resistance as the assistant took one arm and slipped on the long glove, in fact she was eager for the process to continue. Pleasurably she thought back to the first time she had worn the suit and was so glad that she had had the courage to try it on; to come to this world where she had been given the opportunity to become a living sex toy. In a couple of minutes both her arms were in the so shiny rubber that glistened without a blemish in the light.

Without command, seeing the uncommunicative assistant approach with upper body piece, Hannah reached her wonderful red arms into the air and bent her knees, loving how the clothes were so taut against her. The assistant gave no thanks he simply lowered the matching top over Hannah. It quickly contracted closing so tight against her skin, sealing around her neck, clinging to her and showing her sculptured breasts to the best. She felt so safe now in this armour, but so excited too as the suckers closed on each nipple. Her whole body now quivered with the building sexual thrill. She wondered if she would come simply as a result of the transformation, but recognised that something in the suit was delaying that until it was appropriate, so that she could give the correct response to an owner’s actions.

Hannah turned her head to see herself in the full-length mirror. She looked like she was clad in the dark-red rubber catsuit, only her head above giving a sign of what she had once been.

“Jantel, is she ready?”

“Almost sir, just the headpiece.”

“Good, good. Leave that bit to me. I’ll do the activation and just hope that this servo suit’s not faulty.”

Moments later the store owner picked up the helmet and began to lower it carefully over her head. In the mirror Hannah once again saw the features she had known all her life, well quite altered but recognisable, begin to be replaced by those of a sexual gynoid. However, the shopkeeper hesitated then lifted the helmet away. Hannah felt the urge to protest, to demand that the humanoid complete dressing her. However, something told her to remain passive and see how events unfolded.

“Jantel, look at this.”

“What is it boss?”

“Look at the back of this human’s neck.”

In the reflection Hannah saw Jantel join the shopkeeper in studying the base of her skull. She worried now that they had spotted that she was an intruder, an imposter and they were going to take this lovely skin away from her.

“See anything wrong?”


“Well, does this human show any sign of having a servo suit neural connection?”

“No. So no wonder it wasn’t working. There’s probably nothing wrong with that servo suit, it’s just that she’s never been fully engaged with it.”

“Not seen one of these in quite a while, an aspy.”


“Aspy from ‘aspirant’, a wannabe. They’re humans, Geralans, Nerar, any race really, people, usually females, who for some reason want to be made into a gynoid, especially of the sex type. No doubt she got herself up in one of the casings and has been wandering around behaving like a gynoid. Well, maybe not well enough and she had not taken into account that you can’t spend time in a sophisticated piece of machinery like this without it shaping you, transforming you so you’re fit for purpose. I guess that’s why she’s standing here not saying anything. Partly she’s keen to be back in the suit, partly the suit is doing its best to make her as compliant as if she had been fully processed.”

“What do we do?”

Hannah realised how much she needed this and wished she could beg them to put the helmet on.

“That’s easy. We’ve got a customer awaiting his replacement gynoid, we’ve got a female who wants to be one, we simply give them both what they want.”

“But she’s not come through the proper legal channels.”

“I doubt anyone’ll come looking for her. Get the engager, we’ll do this as if it was for the first time. Her body’s already been shaped so the customer won’t notice any adjustments, we just need to sweep out what remains in there of her identity and she’ll be ready to go.”

Hannah had little time to analyse the joy that was running through her. This time the helmet slid down fully over her head and snapped into place. The mouthpiece spiralled inward readying her third sexual opening for use.

“Right. The suit’s all in place. Run engagement initiation.”

Hannah felt two sharp pricks at the base of her skull and they were her last human sensations. For an instant she felt she knew nothing, had no history, no identity just that she simply was. Then a burst of new, so lovely, information flooded her mind and she felt at one with the glistening rubber that coated her, she was naked and it was her skin. She was a gynoid and this was her inception. Positive signals that for a non-cyborg would have meant pleasure were flashing in her brain. The new gynoid loved her body and all that it could do. Its identity was quickly scorched into her brain: SGU-984632, responding to the name ‘Lira’ until owner designated a new one. With that inside her, memories began filling up and within moments she knew scores of the most common species in the galaxy, their anatomies, their pleasure centres and how she could best stimulate them with all that she was. There was no need to teach obedience because Lira knew nothing bar compliance and servility: she was cyborg by nature but entirely machine by loyalty.

The thoughts coming to her mind now slowed and she looked as if with new eyes, as if born fully formed. She turned face on to the mirror to see the shapely dark red form of her body from slender pointed toes along sleek legs driving the eye to her circular pussy and erect clitoris, past her tapered waist to the large circular breasts with their prominent nipples to her slender neck and her wide welcoming mouth. The featureless slippery dome of her head above concealed her visual and auditory equipment so not breaking the smooth lines with any facial features. There was nothing to distinguish her from hundreds of gynoids of this type walking the world at the moment.

“State your designation.” The storekeeper commanded.

“SGU-984632, Lira, gynoid, sexual use.”

“Excellent. Dance for me as if I was a Nerar owner.”

Lira began moving sensuously, running her hands over her taut and slippery body, teasing at the hard nipples and circling around her pussy to indicate the viewer might like to do the same. However, she kept her ‘gaze’ down to the floor and adopted an increasingly submissive position with her posture. This was what Nerar males expected, she knew, especially from a gynoid; they had become increasingly popular as the trend for Nerar females to assert themselves had become stronger. Gradually Lira lowered herself to the floor and leant forwards on to her forearms thrusting her bum in the air and wiggling it sensuously. She knew a Nerar male would take little care over whether he penetrated one or other of her lower sexual openings.

“She makes me hard just looking at her, we’ve ended up with a good one here, boss.”

“Yes, well I suppose if she wanted it she’s going to be good at it. Hopefully she will please Borutan and he’ll forget about the malfunction.”

“Cease, stand.” The storekeeper commanded and Lira obeyed. “Follow.”

Lira walked, moving in the sexual way of a gynoid that was arousing to scores of species. She felt pleasure at obeying and a real delight in what she was. The Nerar was reclining in an easy chair with a drink.

“Master Marra, I am glad that your needs have been seen to.”

The Nerar grunted reluctant approval but his attention was on Lira.

“Is this the replacement?”

“Yes, we’ve provided you with an upgraded model at no extra cost as compensation for faulty goods. I trust that is to your satisfaction.”

“I suppose so. I like the colour, that’s even better than the black one.” Borutan turned to Lira. “You will respond to the Misynta. Until I decide otherwise you will act like a Nerar female of the old style.”

Inside, Lira’s programming renamed her and as Misynta she fell to her knees and then on to her elbows too, her bum raised, inviting her male to mount her. She looked back over her shoulder, her plastic mouth open the way a Nerar female would have once offered herself too.

“Oh yes, that is excellent. You guys have it. I’m going to be getting no sleep tonight.”

Borutan stood bidding farewell to the dealers.

“Misynta, stand.”

Borutan took leather cuffs and a collar from his belt. A chain ran between the cuffs. He pulled her arms back, though not roughly and locked the cuffs. Now with her hands behind her back she could do nothing to cover her exposed breasts and pussy. Then the leather collar, itself attached to a chain was affixed. Misynta now resembled a Nerar woman on the day of her wedding anniversary, in the fittings that were supposed to remind her of her commitment to her mate. Misynta’s pleasure centres buzzed with the excitement of her owner so playing with her and the pleasure he was going to derive from her. She might be now nothing more than a sexual toy, but one that received job satisfaction.

Borutan strode from the store, pleased with his purchase never to be aware that this piece of merchandise had once been a young woman from a very different planet; a woman who had happened to let curiosity take over her and not let go until it had been sated to the full. The Nerar summoned a taxi and entering it Misynta took her place on the floor.

“I’ll ride you home.” Borutan smirked.

Misynta turned so she was on her knees with her head bowed down and her bum in the air. Borutan slid from his seat and in moments his large cock was buffeting Misynta’s glistening pussy from behind. Then it slid in and she was blown into a place where she had no recognition of time or of place, simply of her service to her owner and the pleasure it gave.

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